The new FirstDock for the Dell Latitude XT3 Tablet from First Mobile Technologies

Apr 08, 2016

The XT3 FirstDock from First Mobile Technologies is the only mobile docking station manufactured for the Dell XT3 Tablet on the market. This FMT dock is engineered to allow the Dell XT3 to function in both tablet and PC mode. FMT XT3 engineered front brackets allow your computer to be properly aligned quickly in order to get the job done quicker and more efficiently than other docks. This design allows your computer display to be completely closed in both PC and tablet mode. The FMT XT3 FirstDock is available for use with external power supply or with built in power supply, giving the user options for his or her specific tasks. FMT has designed and manufactured all of our First Dock's to provide the best user functionality and are backed by a limited lifetime warranty. You can find all of your vehicle mounting needs at FMT as well as on-site installation services. The XT3 FirstDock is now available so call 610.828.1492 for more details. First Mobile Technologies is your one-stop service provider for all of your vehicle mounting needs.

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