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INTELLIswitch993 Switch w/ Power Pursuit

  • Compact, slim design with self performing diagnostics at power-up to ensure optimum performance.
  • INTELLIswitch993 features 3 Power Pursuit buttons (top 3 buttons) which can be configured to operate any combination of the lower 6 buttons automatically – eliminating hours of tedious special wiring.
  • Digital switching provides high speed action & efficient lower operating current plus increased reliability.
  • LED back lighting on the buttons for easy function identification in the dark.
  • Switches include 60 title legend sheet and 2-pc. swivel style bracket with mounting hardware. Switch can be console mounted if desired.
  • Features 9 Ryno-Tuf durable push buttons. The 3 top buttons offer the Power Pursuit feature. Buttons can be configured to control the lower 6 buttons automatically without the need for hours of special wiring saving on installation costs.
  • 2 hidden membrane switches are located behind the logo for back lighting dimmer control & user programmable switch to program your choice of function such as timed gun lock.